Mechanical/ Machining Services

Rotating / Static Equipment (on-Site)

  • Repairing and Machining of all heavy industrial rotating and static equipment.
  • Modern and advanced technology in adapting repairing and machining process and in process Quality Control.
  • Highly qualified, experienced and reliable Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians.

Mechanical/ Reliability Off-site Services

Site Observation, professional approach in identifying mechanical context at customer’s site, trouble shooting in set-up time frame, employing right and reliable spares and consumable, increasing equipment reliability and reducing environmental emissions, at least mobilization time and cost.

Mechanical Seal Services

Internationally recognized and certified well equipped mechanical seal services center set-up by A.W. CHESTERON USA in the GRIP’S Workshop facility in Salmabad Industrial Area, catering all needs, solutions and repair all types and sizes of Heavy Industrial machinery mechanical’s.

Hydraulic Services

A.W. CHESTERON Internationally recognized and certified well equipped hydraulic service center set-up and administered in the GRIP’S Workshop facility at Sitra, catering all sealing solutions for equipment and machinery that drives in hydraulic power, by experienced specialists having unique ability for selecting from the best available technologies, spares and consumables to fit customer needs.