Enlake provides integrated marketing solutions which span the entire gamut of both digital and print media. As an agency, we have the capability to manage an organization’s consumer engagement across all spheres of the market. We create exceptional marketing strategy based on research and analysis with a focus on enhancing brand interaction with appropriate audiences.
    Whether you are looking for a corporate look, or a look that’s fun and casual, you can trust us to create bespoke works which enhance the appeal and recognition of your brand. Our creative portfolio includes logos, collaterals, brochures, advertisements and more.
    We believe that information should literally be at the click of a button, and thus one can navigate most of our pages in just 1 or 2 clicks. When creating an online interface, we put ourselves in the user’s shoes and design it to be interactive and convenient. We endeavour to create an emotional connection between a brand and the world. It is not just a bunch of random pages or posts, it’s a storyboard which people can follow.
    Through the intelligent use of ambiance and natural lighting, we create perfectly framed shots which focus attention to even the minutest features of the object. We don’t just take pictures, we create exquisite memories of perfection.
    You want to maintain consistency in the way your company presents itself to the world. After all, a corporate identity is the heart of your brand. Creating one is a long and arduous project, best left to professionals. We, at Enlake, develop highly detailed guidelines governing your logo and typography, including colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such. These guidelines will then be applicable to any medium of communication.
    Software is useless if only the programmer can operate it. While our digital products handle sophisticated functions such as accounting, inventory control, client services and HR, they are devised with the everyday user in mind.
    Here at Enlake, we don’t sell products, we sell the emotions behind them. By exploring contemporary trends and producing unique pieces, we engage the audience and encourage them to participate in the brand experience.